Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment

Industrial kitchen equipment is a piece of equipment in restaurants, cafes, hotels, catering establishments that produce mass food production. Auxiliary equipment consists of stainless steel products by the rules determined in terms of health and hygiene. To determine this equipment, evaluation is made according to production capacity, the number of customers and product variety.

There are crucial points to be determined before purchasing industrial kitchen equipment. With the correct determination of these points, the most suitable kitchen appliances are determined, and the supply of high-capacity or unnecessary products is prevented.

The menu to be produced in the kitchen is one of the most important items. The products that would be presented to the customers on the menu also play a major role in determining which type of kitchen equipment to buy. For example, you can buy products such as tea stove, sherbet, the coffee machine according to the types of beverages to be served. If you are not going to serve ice slush, you do not need to buy such a machine. If you are establishing a business such as catering or it is potted, cooking ovens will be the cooking equipment you will need the most. If you are establishing a business such as catering, cooking ovens will be the cooking equipment you will need the most.

In addition to the variety of food to be produced, production capacity is also an important factor. How many people will you produce food for? For example, a machine that shreds 75kg of vegetables per hour can slow down your work. Production capacity is important for all equipment like this. An industrial dishwasher that can wash 500 dishes per hour in a factory cafeteria employing 3000 people will not solve your problem. In this case, you may need to use a hood-type dishwasher with 1000 plates per hour or a conveyor dishwasher with at least 2000 plates.

Together with these two important issues, the equipment belonging to the required departments can be determined correctly, and efficient kitchens can be established. The necessary equipment such as shelves, cold cabinets, cold room for the storage area should be bought, and the products you need such as vegetable chopping machines, meat grinders, dough rolling machines that can be located in the preparation section.