Dishwasher Equipment

Dishwasher Equipment

Industrial dishwashers significantly reduce your costs by using the most modern technology.

Industrial dishwashers are preferred by many businesses that want to save water, save labour, save energy, save time and attach importance to hygiene, such as catering companies, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, patisseries.

industrial dishwasher instruction manual

industrial dishwasher use

industrial dishwasher use

How does an industrial dishwasher work?

industrial dishwasher working principle

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Industrial dishwashers can wash more than one basket of dishes in minutes with their superior performance thanks to their special technologies. The most basic feature for industrial type dishwashers is to provide maximum hygiene with minimum water and energy consumption.

Industrial dishwashers are ready to work as long as they plug into electricity. By operating the dishwasher, it cleans the surfaces of the glasses or plates in the machine with pressurized hot detergent water from the sprinklers. When the washing phase is finished, rinsing is done from separate fountains with pressurized water at boiling point containing rinse aid.

Then, the washing process is completed by draining the water on the dishes and drying them. These are the most demanding industrial washing machines equipping with the latest dishwashing technologies.

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